Binh Duong Smart City Summit is an annual event that is part of Binh Duong Smart City’s annual agenda. This is the second summit hosted by Binh Duong provincial authorities in coordination with the Netherlands Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

Binh Duong Smart City Summit 2017 will include 5 events-activities, targeting a wide range of stakeholders, thereby increasing the awareness, advocacy and active engagement of the public, communities, social and political organizations, businesses, academia, scientist, students; promoting Triple Helix model (the State-Academia-Businesses); and strengthening cooperation with international organizations and adjacent provinces in developing Binh Duong Smart City.

Topics covered Smart City Summit 2017

  1. Develop smart city policies
  2. Share knowledge about the development of Smart Cities
  3. Digital Infrastructure and ICT in Smart Cities
  4. People’s engagement
  5. Green buildings

The summit represents an opportunity to:

For Binh Duong:

Share the vision, direction and initiation process of Binh Duong Smart City project, which is contributing to the sustainable development of the province.

Discuss and exchange ideas from the world and national leaders and experts about the vision, strategy and action program of Smart City projects around the world.


Gain better insight into the development orientations of Smart City that Binh Duong is implementing.

Seek opportunities and partnerships


Propose and develop practical ideas for Binh Duong Smart City Project in the coming time.